Sora found his way to music at the total solar eclipse festival in Oregon, USA in 2017, where he was shocked by the power of music. That inspired him to produce music himself - since then he has been mainly working in Psytrance and Dub techno genre.

He also started the career as a DJ in 2020.
Seeing the world lose the opportunities of physical entertainment, festivals and raves because of pandemic triggered his desire to revive the scene.
He studied visual media art in Japan and after traveling around the world, immigrated to Canada in 2014. He's interests include many music genres especially electronic music and dance culture around the world.

This virtual radio station "Soradio" on Youtube is hosted by him.

Always welcome to check my tracks and mixes that I stream often.
So excited to share the time with friends who love the same vibes.
Thank you!

Sora Rosky